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PBExpo is not just another aviation tradeshow. It's a technology show for the aviation marketplace.

Join the only interactive environment that integrates the aviation, aerospace and defense industries with technology and eCommerce solutions.

Bringing together buyers and sellers in the aviation, aerospace, and defense supply chain is the ultimate goal of PartsBase. In addition to providing efficient e-commerce solutions for buying and selling aircraft parts, PartsBase understands face-to-face interaction is vital for building long-term business relationships. PBExpo expands the current virtual community into a live, interactive tradeshow.

The goal of PBExpo is to showcase innovations we at PartsBase, discuss with our clients on a daily basis and provide them education and resources to implement in their business.

By attending PBExpo 2022, you’ll hear from key industry experts and insiders discuss trends including the use of Big Data in the aftermarket, the aviation industry's new & best practices for inventory optimization, latest technology innovations for Aviation B2B, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Cyber Security.



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Topic: The Future of Aviation




Air North
Aruba Airlines
Ethiopian Airlines
Mesa Airlines
Pakistan International Airlines
Republic Airways
Silver Airways
United Airlines


  • Derek Strickland - CEO and Founder

    We’ve had a fantastic event here at PBExpo 2019, everything from the preparation and the planning, we were treated right and you delivered on a fantastic experience, these folks at Partsbase are great to do business with and great to hang out with, we’ve already secured our booth for 2020

    Derek Strickland - CEO and Founder
    Nascent Corp.
  • Daniel Urzola - Sales Manager

    Honestly, we are very impressed with the growth this year from last year. We would definitely recommend for companies to come next year, we already scheduled two meetings, in fact some of our people actually had to leave early from the show to go back to the office to attend those meetings and we have a meeting scheduled with an airline already.  We are very satisfied and happy with the outcome of the show, WE WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR WITH A BIGGER BOOTH!

    Daniel Urzola - Sales Manager
    B&W Aviation
  • William Utset - President

    We came here last year as a first year and we were really impressed by how Partsbase handled everything and the output we had from the show, I think Partsbase has knocked it out of the park one more time, we had a fantastic show this year with new leads, some customers that hadn’t known about us, and we didn’t know about them, that’s always a good thing because right away you are looking at potential sales, so this years show again exceeded our expectations.

    William Utset - President
    Mekco Group
  • Global Parts.aero

    For a first time show we were very pleased with traffic moving through the venue. We saw both old and new customers from various parts of the country. The show was organized and everyone was extremely helpful to make sure everything went off as planned. We look forward to 2019 and an ever better show.

    Global Parts.aero
    VP of Business Development and International Relations
  • Dassault Falcon Jet Corp

    I would absolutely recommend PBExpo as it was very well attended.

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corp
    Edward McClean
  •  Mekco group

    We came here looking for some new customers, and we walked away with new business.

    Mekco group
    William Utset | President
  • General Airframe Support

    It was worth every penny spent.

    General Airframe Support
    Jeno Gonzalez
  • Field Logs

    Attendance has been great, we had very good opportunities and we look forward to coming back next year.

    Field Logs
  • Adorable

    5 out of 5 stars for both exhibitors and attendees.

    Shawn Hoffman
  • Banyan Air Service

    The show created new ideas for us on how to do business,  we were able to meet existing customers face to face the first time.

    Banyan Air Service
    Burno Desouza | MRO Parts Manager
  • Card Connect

    Incredible Show, wonderful participants, great culture and one heck of an experience.

    Card Connect
    Mac Walsh | Director
  • Tag. aero

    Had a really good time, we met a lot of people, the entertainment was great. We would recommend PBExpo to other colleagues.

    Tag. aero
    Micheala Nezaj
  • Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp

    We will do this show next year; it was a terrific show for us.

    Rapid Rivet & Fastener Corp
    Laura Felice
  • Reliable Jet Maintenance

    It’s been an interesting show, we didn’t know what to expect, we are happy we came and will definitely be back next year.

    Reliable Jet Maintenance
    Carolina Henestrosa | Sales & Marketing
  • Amazon Web Services

    Greg, it was my pleasure to be a part of the inaugural event and hope we’ve set a high baseline and continue to raise the bar next year.  Please let us know how we can continue to support you as a customer and partner!

    Amazon Web Services
    Mark Fox | Global Defense Business Development
  •  VAS Aero Services

    Partsbase did a fantastic job for a first-year conference and their professional treatment of myself and the speakers was inspiring.  We are happy we participated & sponsored the show and will be back next year.

    VAS Aero Services
    TOMMY HUGHES | Chief Executive Officer
  • Duncan Aviation

    We were very pleased with the traffic we had in our booth at the PBExpo. The opportunities we had to develop relationships with other show attendees will provide returns for years to come. The show was both a great new business networking platform and a wonderful opportunity to see long-time industry friends.

    Duncan Aviation
    CHRIS GRESS | Manager & Business Development