PBExpo 2018 Education - PB EXPO

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PBExpo will host two days of industry focused education presented by leaders in the aviation, aerospace, defense, e-commerce, and technology fields. Participants will have a wide selection of courses in the following education tracks:

Industry Track

These sessions will include industry specific presentations from industry experts on buying and selling, quality control, supply chain, new certifications/accreditation and general best practices to buying and selling in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries.

IT/Ecommerce Track

Includes business solutions that fall outside of the traditional supply chain buying and selling including payment options, escrow services, merchant services, website building and enhancement, e-commerce solutions, social media as a business tool, communicating internationally through web-based services, and more.

PartsBase User Track

PartsBase invites members to several courses focused on further training of the PartsBase site, ensuring all members are getting the most functionality out of their membership. In addition, members will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the current site, offer suggestions of future improvements, and get a sneak-peek at new features.

Current Exhibitors