PBExpo FAQ -



Q: How big will the show be? Who will be attending?

A: PartsBase has been in business for 20 years, and has relationships with the largest market of buyers and sellers of aircraft parts in the world. Since this is our inaugural year, we don't have facts and figures from prior years about demographics. However, for the first time, we are bringing our buyers and sellers together in one place, for face-to-face interactions, networking and educational seminars.


Q:Can I just walk the show this year?

A:While we understand that it is hard to commit to a first year show, it will take the investment of the entire industry to make it successful. We are looking at the show as a long-term investment in our membership and, subsequently, we are investing close to a million dollars to bring this show to life. Although we don't expect to make money within the first few years, we are willing to make that investment and are asking you to invest with us, too.


Q:We already do too many shows. Why attend another one?

A:We feel the same way. The reason you feel you do too many shows is because you see the same people and get the same information at every convention. PBExpo differs in that we will introduce you to technologies that can be used in your business to retain current customers and attract new customers. We want to give you the tools to capitalize on market share and exposure to customers from different verticals.