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South Florida Up Close

The allure of South Florida lies in its beautiful beaches, active lifestyle, world-class restaurants and exciting nightlife.

Fort Lauderdale is the epicenter of South Florida, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east, South Beach and Miami to the south and Palm Beach to the north.

South Florida is a social destination, a resort area that parties from dusk to dawn, a haven for fine dining, cool cafés and cocktail bars, a sanctuary of five-star spas and high-end hotels.

Famed for its international influences, South Florida's melting pot of Cuban, Latin American and South American cultures makes this American resort feel mucho caliente! Visit Little Havana in nearby Miami, where the city's strong Cuban heritage is most evident, and spend the day on Calle Ocho watching spirited dominoes games, drinking café con leche, smoking freshly hand-rolled cigars and dancing to salsa.

There's a dynamic local foodie movement with chefs cooking with native fruits and vegetables, and harvesting the nearby sea for stone crabs, hogfish and red snapper. Whether it's the 104-year-old Joe's Stone Crab in Miami or Buccan in Palm Beach, South Florida's top kitchens are producing flavorful, bold and inventive dishes.

Nature lovers will also be in heaven, whether it's kite-boarding in Key Biscayne, kayaking at the Anne Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood or standup paddleboarding at John D. MacArthur Beach State Park in Palm Beach. Greater Fort Lauderdale has 69 miles of natural coral reef just offshore. Snorkel or scuba dive for an up-close look at the amazing underwater world.

South Florida is a diver's paradise with the waters off the coast boasting over 50 underwater wreck sites to explore, including sunken ships and planes. Or take a day trip to the Everglades National Park, one of the world's most incredible ecosystems spanning 1.5 million acres of tropical wetlands. Spot wildlife including bald eagles, white-tailed deer and the impressive Florida alligator.

And if all of this sounds too ambitious, simply wander down to the beach to claim a lounge chair. The hot sun, white sand and turquoise ocean play host to fabulous people-watching.

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