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PDF Sponsor Info

Become a PBExpo 2018 Sponsor

A sponsorship investment in PBExpo is an investment in your company's profitability and sales.

In order to provide the highest quality event, yielding the highest quality results, PBExpo relies on investments from current PartsBase members who also see the benefit and potential revenue created when the aviation, aerospace and defense industry comes together in a live, interactive atmosphere.

PBExpo Sponsors will have a unique opportunity to gain exposure to over 30,000 current PartsBase users, including buyers and sellers in the aviation, aerospace and defense parts supply chain. By investing in the show, sponsors will gain exposure with potential customers they would not otherwise have access to. In addition, sponsors will receive recognition and publicity to all PartsBase members, as well as PBExpo attendees, before the show begins, continuing throughout the event, and during post-event branding opportunities.

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